Are You at Risk for DVT?

Your Caprini Score will help you assess your risk

Only your doctor can determine if you are at risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot that forms in one of the deep veins of your legs.

A review of your personal history and current health may determine if you are at risk for developing this condition.

Dr. Joseph Caprini, developer of the Caprini DVT Risk Assessment, has made his risk assessment tool available to hospitals, physicians, patients and their families all over the world.

Your Caprini Score: DVT Risk Assessment Options

Take a moment to complete the risk assessment for yourself (or complete it for a loved one).

Choose a format that works best for you.


Then be sure to talk with your doctor about your risk for DVT and what you can do to help protect against it. Your doctor may want to keep a copy in your file for future reference.

What does your Caprini DVT Risk Score mean?

  • Risk scores may indicate your odds of developing a DVT during major surgery or while being hospitalized for a serious illness.
  • Airplane passengers who fly more than five hours may also be at risk for DVT.
  • Studies have shown if you have 0-2 risk factors, your DVT risk is small. This risk increases with the presence of more risk factors.

Please share this information with your doctor who can determine your DVT risk by evaluating all of these factors.

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