DVT support group Chicago

A support group of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism patients meeting in Chicago.
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The purpose of this group is to focus on unmet emotional needs of patients diagnosed with DVT or PE as well as to provide accurate up-to-date information about this chronic condition.

When patients develop a thrombotic episode there are many questions to be answered. Typical questions that we often address:

  • Why did I develop this problem?
  • How long do I have to be on anticoagulants?
  • What can I do to prevent getting another blood clot?
  • What about the choice of anticoagulants?
  • Should I consider one of the new drugs?
  • Do I really need stockings?
  • If so what kind and can I buy them online?
  • What implications does this problem have for my children?

These are just some of the many questions that arise.

A DVT and PE Group for Patients and Medical Professionals in the Chicago Area

Interested physicians and medical professionals and the public are all welcome to attend and to join this effort. The goal is to be all-inclusive.

The group is fortunate to have a NorthShore University HealthSystem cardiologist provide input about many issues important to those with any cardiac disorders including the myriad of drugs involved in their care. Interactions between these drugs and Coumadin and the new anticoagulants are always a topic of discussion and generate many questions.

In addition, the world-famous Loyola thrombosis group are regular attendees and provide valuable input about anticoagulation and the new drugs.

The meeting features an anticoagulation clinic corner staffed by pharmacists from the three anticoagulation clinics at NorthShore University HealthSystem. Attendees can visit the clinic corner and get information on anticoagulant drugs particularly Coumadin.

There is also a stocking/compression corner featuring expert fitters, to answer questions and concerns as well as demonstrate a variety of products that can be helpful for patients with leg swelling, blood clots, and the ever-popular travel-related stockings.

During the meetings conversations will be held in strict confidence among the members. Professional counseling, prescriptive or individual therapy issues will be referred to the patient’s individual physicians. The facilitator will not under any circumstances persuade the group to a particular point of view.

This program is free and not associated with any commercial interests. The fitters demonstrate a wide variety of products from all reliable sources.

Each meeting starts with a meet-and-greet for the first half hour during which time attendees can visit the compression and Coumadin corners. Then we have a short 20 minute presentation on a pertinent topic such as:

  1. Genetic blood disorders
  2. DVT/PE risk factors
  3. DVT/PE prevention
  4. DVT/PE symptoms
  5. Life changes after a DVT/PE
  6. INR home testing
  7. Compression stockings and other compression devices
  8. Leading a heart-healthy lifestyle
  9. Nutrition after DVT/PE
  10. Exercise after DVT/PE
  11. Psychological strains after a diagnosis of DVT/PE
  12. Novel oral anticoagulants in development
  13. Safe long-haul air travel after a DVT/PE
  14. Anticoagulation clinics
  15. Varicose veins
  16. All about swollen legs and their treatment

Questions and Answers About Deep Venous Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

Following the presentation we have an open question session for the rest of the time. The attendees are free to volunteer personal information but we never ask any specific questions of anyone. You may just attend and listen and be sure no one will call on you.

The group will meet for about two hours depending on questions and the discussion once every four to six weeks. You may sign up for our EVITE list to receive information for each meeting.

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